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The Missing Link: Card-Linked Offers for Airline Loyalty Programmes

15 December 2017 Go To News Feed

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CLO solutions (Card-Linked Offers) are in-store retail promotions that are linked to a consumer's credit card, so they are naturally in the shop-window (so to speak) in terms of the opportunity to transact. While CLOs are relevant for many industries across the board, there is a real fit and opportunity for frequent flyer and guest programme providers who are looking to engage more in the everyday with their members.

With many members only purchasing flights and/or hotels once or twice a year, it can be a challenge for many programme providers to create this more 'everyday' engagement. And, as our research suggests, with many members also seeking more in-store transaction capabilities, Card-Linked Offers could well be the best solution all round for both members and programme providers.

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